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Our Story

Entrepreneur mom of two, Lisa Paul, is the inventor of the popular ZizzyBee Bags, eco storage bags that replace 1,000 plastic, single-use zip style bags per year.

ZizzyBee Bags are reusable, washable mesh travel or storage bags that come in trendy and modern designs with a zipper and easy hang or hold loop.

From what started out as toy organization bags, now have become a top rated, award-winning solution used for travel; make-up; toiletries; swim gear; sports gear; purse clutter; arts & crafts; snacks; easy-hang, gym shower bag; teacher / Mother’s Day gift; and so much more.

The Ah-Ha Moment

While working with her marketing team for ZizzyBee, a conversation came up about the massive plastic issue in the world's oceans with astounding facts - for example, we will have more plastic in the world ocean than fish by the year 2050.

Soon after, Lisa started finding all these amazing products that replace plastic items from reusable shopping bags, cool straws, water bottles, wooden toothbrushes, and so much more along with cool products that are made from recycled ocean plastic. So the idea came...

Our Purpose

Take The Plastic Pledge first and foremost was started to educate the world on the astounding facts about plastic and our planet. Facts like one of five floating garbage plastic patches in our world ocean is the size of two Texas states and weighs as much as 500 jumbo jets.

Secondly, the pledge offers an easy call to action for individuals to act and make a real difference.

Finally, we built the first ever plastic alternative multi-vendor gift shop so that 1) those who take the pledge can easily find plastic alternatives and when buying gifts for others have a one-stop shop for cool eco products, and 2) a portion of sales can be donated to The Ocean Clean Up Project.

So we did just that and here we are...with over 100k on our email list and a goal to reach 1 million pledgers, we are excited to be on this journey to WIN THE WAR ON PLASTIC.

eco travel mesh storage bags
eco school supplies zipper bag

Meet Our Team

Women founded and run with the help of our young at heart inspiration team.

Astounding Facts

Marine Animals Killed Per Year
by Plastic
metric tons of plastic enter our oceans per year
Jumbo Jets is the weight of the plastic waste in just ONE of five ocean garbage patches
years is how long it takes for plastic to decompose

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