Tasha Mayberry

Tasha Mayberry

Tasha graduated summa cum laude from Kaplan University, earning a BA in Legal Studies. Previously, Tasha worked as a direct response marketing representative for nearly five years where she consistently ranked within the company’s top 10 agents. Moreover, she has experience as a paralegal, marketing analyst and a Vice President of Marketing & PR for an insurance / wealth management firm.

Now, Tasha owns seven businesses ranging from her highly sought out marketing and PR firm, Social Media 22, to her magazine called BIBB Magazine, her baby invention, SnapTOT, BuzzBOX PR, and more.

Tasha’s superpowers are branding and launching businesses and she has worked with 400 companies helping many go from start-ups to millions in sales. Tasha handles the marketing and PR for ZizzyBee Bags and now Take The Plastic Pledge, a project that is very important to her.

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